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Civil Engineering Consulting

Hills Consulting Engineers are specialist Civil Engineering Consultants focusing on Drinking Water, Wastewater and Stormwater with the Sydney Water management systems and distribution.

We are registered with the Sydney Water Corporation as Water Servicing Coordinators and Hydraulic Designers providing a range of solutions binding the needs of the Developer industry with the Corporation’s asset development and operational requirements.

Our core capabilities consisting investigations and design of distribution pipelines and controls, project management, budgeting and estimation, construction management and procurement are delivered by a team of qualified Civil Engineers, Project Managers and Support personnel.

A core value in Hills Consulting Engineers is superior customer service which is consistently upheld and never compromised.

A Rich History of Excellence

Hills Consulting Engineers was born in the new millennium as a result of its founders unbridled desire to share technical and managerial expertise with people and commercial entities pursuing development of living and commercial spaces.

The creation of dwellings, offices and commercial premises requires new and amplified support infrastructure consisting drinking water, wastewater and stormwater systems.

Hills Consulting Engineers assists in fulfilling infrastructure needs of new and renewed developments. The engineering requires thought and skills; the delivery of projects requires management. These are the key roles of Hills Consulting Engineers.

In the greater Sydney basin, Sydney Water Corporation is the owner / operator of drinking water, wastewater and part of stormwater systems. Sydney Water adopts WSAA standards for the design of its pipelines. Sydney Water has extensive procedures for approval of designs and for creation of assets by Developers. Asset creation and adjustments must comply with Sydney Water’s procedures.

Hills Consulting Engineers have worked closely with Sydney Water for more than two decades in Developer Works.

Hills Consulting Engineers offers its experience and expertise to the Developer Community in meeting with the needs of Sydney Water.

Rich History of Excellence

Certifications & Accreditations

IAF CertificateDAS ISO Certificate
DAS ISO Certificate - Environmental
DAS ISO Certificate - Occupational Health Safety
DAS ISO Certificate - Quality Management

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